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Origin of the name UCHTRYD.
Etymology of the name UCHTRYD.
Meaning of the baby name UCHTRYD.


UCHTRYD.  Arthurian.  Welsh.  Uchtryd Ardywad Kad, and Uchtryd Varyf Draws, are among the more than 200 warriors and attendants of Arthur named by Kilhwch in the story of Kilhwch and Olwen.  The name is formed from British uch "above" and drud "stout."

UCHTRYD (n. pr. v.); hence Hafod Uchtryd in Cardiganshire.  Cwmmwd Mab Uchtryd in Cantref Mawr, Caermarthenshire.  (Price, Descr.)  Camden makes Uchtryd a German name, signifying high counsel; but it is British, formed from uch, above, and drud, stout. (Celtic Remains, Morris, 1878).

... "I am Kilhwch, the son of Kilydd, the son of Prince Kelyddon, by Goleuddydd, my mother, the daughter of Prince Anlawdd."  "That is true," said Arthur, "Thou art my cousin.  Whatsoever boon thou mayest ask, thou shalt receive, be it what it may that thy tongue shall name."  "Pledge the truth of Heaven and the faith of thy kingdom thereof."  "I pledge it thee, gladly."  "I crave of thee then, that thou obtain for me Olwen, the daughter of Yspaddaden Penkawr, and this boon I likewise seek at the hands of thy warriors.  I seek it from Kai, and Bedwyr, and Greidawl Galldonyd, and Gwythyr the son of Greidawl, and Greid the son of Eri,... and Uchtryd Ardywad Kad, and Kynwas Curvagyl,... And Hir Eiddyl, and Hir Amreu, (they were two attendants of Arthur.)  And Gwevyl the son of Gwestad, (on the day that he was sad, he would let one of his lips drop below his waist, while he turned up the other like a cap upon his head.)  Uchtryd Varyf Draws, (who spread his red untrimmed beard over the eight and forty rafters which were in Arthur's Hall.)... (Mabinogion, Guest, 1910)


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