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Origin of the name UR.
Etymology of the name UR.
Meaning of the baby name UR.


UR.  An Assyrian or Chaldean deity, who was called also "The God of the Foundation."  He was the local deity of Erech. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).

UR (אוּר).  Biblical.  [Hebrew = "right"].  In Basque, this word means "water."

    A city or town, more fully called Ur of the Chaldees, the birthplace of Abraham (Gen. xi. 28, 31; xv. 7; Neh. ix. 7).  Its site is now generally held to have been at Mugheir or Um-mugheir = "Bitumened," or the Mother of Bitumen, in Lower Babylonia, on the western bank of the Euphrates.  It is called on inscribed bricks Hur, and was a seat of the worship of the moon-god.  Considerable ruins are still found on its site. (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894).

UR.  Egyptian name meaning "eldest, first, great."

    The birthplace of the stellar races was in the celestial north.  The solar race were they who came forth from the East.  In going down to Amenta, as manes, they were the westerners; in coming forth they are the easterners.  Thus, when we are told that Abraham came from Ur of the Kasdim, or the Magi, which was his birthplace, that goes far to identify him as a solar god, just as Laban, the white one, was a lunar deity, and Ur a mythical locality.  Ur is an Egyptian name for that which is eldest, first, great, principal.  The course of the sun-god by day is reckoned to run from Ta-Ur to Am-Ur, i.e. from east to west.  T-Ur then is Egyptian for the land of the east, and the migration thence is solar, that is—mythical,—and would be astronomical when the birthplace is designated "Ur of the Kasdim" or Chaldees.  Ur of the Kasdim is self-identified by name with the Magi, astrologers or astronomers.  Moreover, the frequent coupling of Ur and Martu in the astrological tablets points to Ur as a name for the east being justaposed to Martu for the west, "Ur and Martu" meaning east and west, and not Ur a city on earth and Martu a quarter in the heavens. (Ancient Egypt, Massey, v.2, 1907)


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