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Origin of the name VAITEH.
Etymology of the name VAITEH.
Meaning of the baby name VAITEH.


VAITEH.  Vaiteh I., the king of the Arabs and son of Khazael (Hazail), who had sent tribute to Esar-haddon.  He succeeded his father, and was confirmed on the throne by Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, to whom he had sent his submission.  The other Arabian chiefs conspired against him, and set up an usurper named Wabu as an opponent.  Upon that Vaiteh implored the help of the Assyrians, who defeated the insurgents, and carried Wabu captive to Nineveh.  Despite these services Vaiteh joined the revolt of Saul-mugina against Assur-bani-pal, together with his queen, Adiya, and Ammuladi, king of Kedar.  Half of his forces he despatched to Saul-mugina, under Abiyateh and Aimu, the sons of Tehar; with the other half he overran Edom, Ammon, Hauran, Moab, and Zobah.  Here he was defeated, and fled to Nathan, of Nabathea, who gave him up to Assur-bani-pal.  The Arabs then elected his nephew Vaiteh II., king in his place.  Vaiteh II., the son of Bir-Dadda, and nephew of Vaiteh I., whom the Arabs elected king in the place of his uncle, Vaiteh I.  Abiyateh, who had been sent to help Saul-mugina, after a vain attempt to cut his way through the Assyrian camp round Babylon, surrendered, and offered to take service under Assur-bani-pal.  The latter proclaimed him king of Arabia; and he agreed with Vaiteh II. to share the government together.  He induced Nathan, king of Nabathea, also to join the insurrection, but directly the war began in earnest they were compelled to retreat; the Arabians wanted water, and could not readily engage but in a succession of small battle.  The Assyrians therefore drove them through the desert to Khadatta, Laribda, and Aialla, 600 or 700 miles from Nineveh.  The Nabatheans were defeated fifty miles from Aialla, and Vaiteh forty miles beyond.  After returning to Damascus, the Assyrian army again marched into Arabia, defeating and capturing Abiyateh and his brother Aimu, who were sent to Nineveh and flayed alive. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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