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Origin of the name VASAG.
Etymology of the name VASAG.
Meaning of the baby name VASAG.


VASAG.  Armenian.  Another spelling of Vasak, which is also Hindu, and the same as Hebrew Adoni, a term used by servants when addressing their master, meaning "lord."  See notes see below.

... So one took upon himself the form of a crow, and flew, and perched upon the top of that tree and jerked off that earthenware vessel.  On seeing this Vásak Nág (Vásuki or Básak Nág), a king of the snakes, with all his host came and drank up the amrit, and while they were drinking it, the rakshasa from the top of the tree cursed them.  "Have I not taken all this trouble to obtain this water of life, and now you have consumed it.  Henceforth let there be to you seven tongues."  (A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings, Knowles, 1885)

... When they had accomplished this, and concluded an alliance so advantageous for them, and were returned in peace to the place whence they had set out, the sad news arrived from Armenia that the enemy had broken forth, and that the serpent had unfolded itself, the apostate Vasag having abandoned the faith of Christ, and laid waste many parts of Armenia, particularly the royal winter residences which gave shelter to the troops—namely, Karni, Eramon, Tershanakerd, the great buildings, Vartanashad, the fortified Oshagan, Pharhakhod, Arktansn; the borough of Dsokhkerd, the fortress Armavir, the borough of Kuash, Arush, Arshnag, the entire level country of Arakads, the province Ardashad, the capital Ardashad itself, and all the places and boroughs which lay around he plundered and burnt, and drove every man from his home... (The History of Vartan, and of the Battle of the Armenians, Elisæus-Neumann, 1830)

    ... The Hebrew tribe of Adan or Dan worshipped Adoni, אדני... (pg. 69)
    ... We find Paran (Baran), Varuna (sun-god), and Prana the "Breath of life," phren the intellect; Basak (Adoni) and Psuke the Soul;... (pg. 162)
    ... Adam is the First-born like Phanes, Evan, Iao and Adonis.  Deucalion was also the First-born.  "For Adonis was named Ao."  Iao is Adonis and Osiris.  Aos is Iao.  "Iao the God of Moses."  Iao is therefore Iahoh or Jehovah (Adoni)... (pg. 225)
    ... And Abram said, Adoni Ihoh [My Adon, Jehovah]!—Gen. xv. 2.
    ... Jehovah is called Alahi Alahim O-Adoni H-Adonim, God of Gods and Lord of the Lords. (pg. 225)
    ... יהוה Ihoh, Iahoh (Ahoh) is the name of the sun-god Dionysus or Bacchus.  He was also called Iao, Ieuo and Euas.  Evius is another of his names.  Eve is called Eua in the Sibylline Books.  Thus Eua is the feminine of Dionysus-Bacchus.  Bacchus is called Huas and Euimos. Eve is called Eoua and Euea. (pg. 225) (Vestiges of the Spirit-History of Man, Dunlap, 1858)


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