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Origin of the name VERUS.
Etymology of the name VERUS.
Meaning of the baby name VERUS.


VERUS.  Roman name derived from Latin verus, meaning "true." (The Names We Bear, Long, 1877).

Verus [Lucius Ceionius Commodus,] a Roman emperor, son of Ælius and Domitia Lucilla.  He was adopted in the 7th year of his age by M. Aurelius, at the request of Adrian, and he married Lucilia the daughter of his adopted father, who also took him as his colleague on the throne.  He was sent by M. Aurelius to oppose the barbarians in the east.  His arms were attended with success, and he obtained a victory over the Parthians.  He was honoured with a triumph at his return home, and soon after he marched with his imperial colleague against the Marcommani in Germany.  He died in this expedition of an apoplexy, in the 39th year of his age, after a reign of eight years and some months.  His body was brought back to Rome, and buried by M. Aurelius with great pomp and solemnity.  Verus has been greatly censured for his debaucheries, which appeared more enormous and disgusting, when compared to the temperance, meekness, and popularity of Aurelius.  The example of his father did not influence him, and he often retired from the frugal and moderate repast of Aurelius, to the profuse banquets of his own palace, where the night was spent in riot and debauchery, with the meanest of the populace, with stage-dancers, buffoons, and lascivious courtezans.  At one entertainment alone, where there were no more than 12 guests, the emperor spent no less than six millions of sesterces, or about 32, 200l. sterling.  But it is to be observed, that whatever was most scarce and costly was there; the guests never drank twice out of the same cup; and whatever vessels they had touched, they received as a present from the emperor when they left the palace.  In his Parthian expedition, Verus did not check his vicious propensities; for four years he left the care of the war to his officers, while he retired to the voluptuous retreats of Daphne, and the luxurious banquets of Antioch.  His fondness for a horse has been faithfully recorded.  The animal had a statue of gold, he was fed with almonds and raisins by the hand of the emperor, he was clad in purple, and kept in the most splendid of the halls of the palace, and when dead, the emperor, to express his sorrow, raised him a magnificent monumet on mount Vatican.  Some have suspected M. Aurelius of dispatching Verus to rid the world of his debaucheries and guilty actions, but this seems to be the report of malevolence. (A Classical Dictionary, Lempriere, 1820)


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