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Origin of the name VORTIGERN.
Etymology of the name VORTIGERN.
Meaning of the baby name VORTIGERN.


VORTIGERN.  Arthurian.  English.  A form of Welsh Gwrthigern, meaning "excelling king" or "Vir Regalis, man prince" (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884; The Irish Version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius, Todd-Herbert, 1848).  The Irish form is Gortigern; the Anglo-Saxon, Wyrtgeorn.

... Dr. Vaughan's statement: "Our Saxon authorities relate that in the year 447 or 449, Vortigern, a British chief near the Thames, invited two Saxon chiefs, named Hengist and Horsa, to assist him in repelling an invasion by the Picts and Scots; that these chiefs, who were brothers, landed in Thanet, a portion of Kent separated from the mainland of that district by a river; that the Saxons soon chased the Scots from the lands they had devastated; that with the consent of Vortigern, the Saxon force in Thanet was increased considerably; that this increase caused distrust amongst the Britons; that the increase of pay thus made necessary led to disputes; that these disputes issued in open war; that after a long series of conflicts, victory declared in favour of the Saxons; that Hengist became King of Kent, and in the year 488 bequeathed his authority to his son Æsca, having exercised it fifteen years.
     "Our British authorities say that Hengist and Horsa were exiles in search of a home; that the increase of the force in Thanet was treacherously managed; that the design of that movement was to conquer the country; that Hengist had a beautiful daughter named Rowena, who, when the Saxon and the British chiefs were over their cups, was employed to present a goblet to Vortigern; that Vortigern fell into the snare thus laid for him by becoming enamoured of Rowena, so as to be prepared to barter the kingdom of Kent as the price of possessing her person; that in the wars which ensued Vortigern was disowned by his subjects, and his son Vortimer raised to sovereignty in his stead; that for several years Hengist was compelled to seek refuge in his ships, and to subsist by his piracies; that at a feast afterwards given by the Saxon leaders, some three hundred British chiefs were treacherously murdered; that the only one of the British chiefs who was spared was Vortigern; and that, notwithstanding the alleged unpopularity of this prince, to secure the liberation of Vortigern, the people of Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, and Essex consented to receive Hengist as their king." ("Vaughan's Revolutions in English History" Blackwood's Magazine, v.86, 1859)


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