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Origin of the name VIVIEN.
Etymology of the name VIVIEN.
Meaning of the baby name VIVIEN.


VIVIEN.  m.  A French name derived from Latin Vivianus (q.v.), meaning "alive."  (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884).  Also see Vyvian, and Vyvyan
    Vivien Savage, a French singer-songwriter. (Wiki)

VIVIEN.  f.  English.  From Latin Viviana (q.v.), meaning "alive."  Also see Vivian, and Viviane.  Usage: America, England, Scotland.
    Vivien Leigh (d. 1967), was an English actress.  Vivien Kellems, was a Connecticut industrialist.  Vivien Heilbron, a Scottish actress. (Wiki)

... Now, there was at the Court of Queen Morgana le Fay, a certain damsel of such marvellous and bewitching beauty that her like was hardly to be seen in all the world.  This damsel was fifteen years old and of royal blood, being the daughter of the King of Northumberland; and her  name was Vivien.  This damsel, Vivien, was both wise and cunning beyond all measure for one so young.  Moreover, she was without any heart, being cold and cruel to all who were contrary-minded to her wishes.  So, because she was so cunning and wise, Queen Morgana liked her and taught her many things of magic and sorcery which she knew.  But, notwithstanding all that Queen Morgana did for her, this maiden did not feel any love for her mistress, being altogether devoid of heart.
    One day this damsel and Queen Morgana le Fay sat together in a garden of that magic island of Avalon, and the garden was upon a very high terrace and overlooked the sea.  And the day was very fair and the sea so wonderfully blue that it appeared to be as though the blue sky had melted into water and the water into the sky.  As Vivien and the Queen sat in this beautiful place, the Queen said to the damsel, "Vivien, what wouldst thou rather have than anything else in all the world?"  To which Vivien replied, "Lady, I would rather have such wisdom as thou hast, than anything else." 
    Then Queen Morgana laughed and said, "It is possible for thee to be as wise as I am, and wiser too, if so be thou wilt do according to my ordination.  For I know a way in which thou mayst obtain wisdom."
    "How may I obtain that wisdom, Lady?" said Vivien.
    Then Queen Morgana le Fay said, "Hearken and I will tell thee.  Thou must know that Merlin, whom thou hast several times seen at the Court of King Arthur, is the master of all the wisdom that it is possible for anyone to possess in this world..." (The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Pyle, 1909)


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