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Origin of the name WYRTGEORN.
Etymology of the name WYRTGEORN.
Meaning of the baby name WYRTGEORN.


WYRTGEORN.  Anglo-Saxon form of Welsh Gwrthigern (Irish Gortigern), meaning "excelling king," (History of Christian Names, Yonge, 1884), or "Vir Regalis, man prince." (The Irish Version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius, Todd-Herbert, 1848).  Brent renders it "great lord."

    Mr. Coote has discovered an Italian historian writing nearly as early as Beda, who confirms in leading particulars the account of the landing of the Saxons as commonly received, and the subsequent subjugation of this island by them.  In the 14th book of the "Historia Miscella," edited by Muratori, we read of the landing of the Saxons by invitation, and their subsequent domination over England.  Hengist, the supposed Saxon leader, however, is ignored, and Vortigern, called in the Saxon chronicle Wyrtgeorn, is named as the Saxon leader.  Vortigern reads Gortigern, that is, in Cymric, "Great Lord;" and Nennius calls Vortigern, Guorthigern, and Gildas, who alludes to him as the British, not the Saxon, leader, described him as a tyrant who invites over the ferocious Saxons.  Nennius, however, names Hengist and Horsa as the leaders of the auxiliary Saxons.  Mr. Coote accounts for this narrative appearing in the pages of a Roman historian from the well-authenticated fact that, just previous to the time of this writer, the English (A.D. 700) of all classes, noble and ignoble, flocked to Rome whenever opportunity occurred, or an excuse permitted them.  From them it is obvious enough that an inquiring historian might obtain the history and traditions of the country they had temporarily quitted.  Far back, through the mists of legend, in Friesland and the lands thereto adjacent, existed a mythic hero called "Hengist, the Angle, who had built the Burgh of Leyden, and stormed the castle of Fin, a hero shadowy as himself.  For these reasons, when the Saxons became thoroughly settled in England, the true old hero, Wyrthgeorn, or Guortigern, was deposed, and the epic hero Hengist reigned in his place. (Canterbury in the Olden Time, Brent, 1879)


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