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Origin of the name YESHUA.
Etymology of the name YESHUA.
Meaning of the baby name YESHUA.


YESHUA (יֵשׁוּעַ).  Hebrew biblical Jeshua (q.v.), meaning "Jehovah (is) salvation"; "Jehovah Saviour," or "whose salvation is Jehovah."  It is an abbreviated form of Yehoshua (q.v.),  (The Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, Hunter, 1894).

    I. Ίησους or Jesus is the Greek mode of expressing the sound of the Hebrew Yêshûa' a name used in the later Hebraism, as a contracted form of the more ancient proper name Yehôshûa, Joshua.  Both words have therefore the same signification, Saved, or aided, by Jehovah; and hence the angel directed Joseph to bestow this name upon the divine child of Mary, "because he should save his people from their sins." (Journal of Sacred Literature, Burgess, 1861)

    8. The custom of calling the Aramaic "Hebrew."óJosephus showed himself (Ant. x. i. 2, XII. ii. 1) quite capable of distinguishing the language and written character of the "Syrians" from those of the "Hebrews."  And yet between Hebrew and Aramaic words he makes no difference.  According to Ant. I. i. 1, 2, σάββατα and Ἀδάμ belong to the Hebrew tongue, but ἀσαρθά as well (Ant. III. x. 6) is a term of the "Hebrews."  The "Hebrew" in which Josephus addresses the people of Jerusalem (Bell. Jud. VI. ii. 1) is even called by him (Bell. Jud. v. ix. 2) ἡ πἀτριος γλώσσα, though in the circumstances nothing but Aramaic can be looked for.  Again, in the Johannine Gospel the Aramaic terms Βηθεσδά, Γαββαθᾶ, Γολγοθᾶ, Ῥαββουνί are called "Hebrew," 52 1913. 17 2016.  Aramaic, too, must be meant by the "Hebrew tongue" in which Paul spoke to the people of Jerusalem (Acts 2140 222), and in which Jesus spoke to Paul (Acts 2614)... (Words of Jesus Considered in the Light of Post-Biblical Jewish Writings, Dalman-Kay, 1902)


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