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Origin of the name YVES.
Etymology of the name YVES.
Meaning of the baby name YVES.


YVES.  French.  The same as Ives (q.v.), from Teutonic iv ("yew"), rendered "bowman," or "archer," because the weapon was made from yew wood.  The feminine form is YvetteYvon is a variant form.
    Yves Camille Désiré Leterme, a Flemish Belgian politician.  Yves Delage (d. 1920), was a French zoologist. (Wiki)

    Yves (Ives de Rer-Martin, known by the name of Saint) was born at the manor of Rer-Martin, parish of Meneni, Bretagne, Oct. 17, 1253.  Sprung from a noble family of the diocese of Treguier, he was son of Heelor, or Helori, and Azo of Kenquis.  Being sent to Paris, he devoted ten years to the study of theology and of civil and canon law (1267-77).  Having passed through the University of Orleans, he attended the lectures of William of Blaye, with whom he examined the Decretals.  Afterwards, at Rennes, under the Franciscans, he studied the Sentences of Pierre Lombard and the interpretation of the Scriptures.  Having received there the minor orders, he was successively rector of Tredrez (1285) and curate of Lohanec (1293).  He was connected with the hospital of the patrimonial estate of Rer-Martin, and appointed Advocate of the Poor.  The fasts and austerities to which he submitted himself did not hinder him, in the meantime, from actively engaging in preaching, nor from filling his judicial functions with such energy and equity as to make him an object of terror to the evil litigants.  The crown found no favor in his eyes in urging fiscal claims against the clergy, and he opposed more than once the levying of royal impositions, which he deemed unjust.  He died at Lohance, May 19, 1303.  At the solicitation of duke Jean de Montfort, who made a trip to Avignon for that purpose, the canonization of Ives was declared by a brief of Clement VI on May 19, 1347, and his anniversary has since been held on that day.  See Hoefer, Nouv. Biog. Générale, s.v.  See also Ivo. (Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature, McClintock, v.12, 1894)


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