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Origin of the name ZU.
Etymology of the name ZU.
Meaning of the baby name ZU.


ZU.  A Babylonian deity, a storm-god in the form of a bird.  He seeks to take from En-lil or Bel the tablets of fate which have come into his possession.  He would secure these in order to be able to decree divine decisions and give commands to the Igigi (q.v.).  He goes to the dwelling of En-lil to attack him.  He snatches the tablets of fate from his hands and flies away with them to the mountains.  By losing the tablets, En-lil loses his power.  Anu (q.v.) calls upon one of the gods to attack Zu.  Ramman (q.v.) is promised great honour and glory if he will do so, but he thinks Zu invincible.  In the end it would seem that Marduk (q.v.) undertakes the task and recaptures the tablets.  In this way he gains the power that formerly belonged to Bel. (An Encyclopedia of Religions, Canney, 1921)

ZU.  In the Izdubar Legends a mystical deity who appears to have been a kind of Babylonian Prometheus.  He stole the tablets of destiny and other secrets of the gods, for which Bel ordered Rimmon to slay him.  Zu, however, fled to desert places, and Rimmon was unable to effect his purpose.  Nebo who was sent next failed equally.  After this Zu seems to have been changed into a bird, called by the Assyrians "The Divine Zu Bird," and by the Akkadians "The Divine Bird of the Tempest."  It was a species of vulture, and an emblem of the storm-cloud, of which the god Zu was originally an impersonation.  It is possible that he is to be identified with the god Zi (in Assyrian, Nisu or "Man,"), who seems to be regarded as the first human being in the tablets which describe the fall. (An Archaic Dictionary, Cooper, 1876).


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