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Word Names, Invented Names
A list of invented names inspired by other words and names. And some actual words that make good names.
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  1. ABAD, ABIDON: Good name for a savior or villain, or someone others have been anxiously waiting for, either with hope or dread. From Old English ábád/ábidon, meaning "expected; waited for."

  2. ABARIAN, ABAERAN, ABORIAN: "Tattle-tale; snitch," or "Discoverer." Good name for someone who can't hold their tongue or for a character who discovers a secret, or solves a mystery. From Old English ábarian/ábærian/áborian, all meaning "to disclose; bring to light; to discover, lay bare; make manifest." 

  3. ABEDECIAN, ABETHECIAN: "Conjurer; magician; sorcerer; someone who gets something simply by asking." From Old English ábedecian/ábeðecian, meaning "to get by asking." 

  4. ABEGENDL: Invented name meaning "Shape-shifter." Inspired by Old English ábégendlic, meaning "bending." 

  5. ABEODAN: "Messenger; announcer. A person or thing used for communication." From Old English ábéodan, meaning "to announce; to declare; to proclaim; to summon, call out." 

  6. ABEOWAN: "Cleanser; healer; purifier; a person (healer), place (well or spring), or thing (herb) that cleanses, heals, or purifies." From Old English ábeówan, meaning "to cleanse; to purify," or "to rub off; to clarify." 

  7. ABERD, ABERED: "Crafty; cunning." From Old English áberd/ábered, meaning "crafty; cunning."

  8. ABERSTAN, ABERSTETH: "Escapee." From Old English áberstan/abirsteð, meaning "burst out; break out; break away; escape."

  9. ABETEAH, ABETEON: "Accuser; devil." From Old English ábetéon/ábetéah, meaning "to accuse." Note: Samael, the Angel of Darkness, has been compared to Satan, and both have been called "the accuser."

  10. ABIDAN: "Abider; survivor." From Old English ábidan, meaning "to abide, wait, remain behind; survive; wait for; expect." Not to be confused with Abidon, "the one waited for."

  11. ABITETH: "Devourer; a person, beast, or thing that devours or destroys." From Old English ábiteþ, meaning "biter; devourer; to bite in pieces; to tear to pieces." 

  12. ABLICAN: "Someone or something that astonishes/amazes with white blinding brightness." From Old English áblican, meaning "to astonish, amaze; to shine, glitter; to appear white."

  13. ABUROD: Good name for an uninhabited or deserted place. From Old English ábúrod, meaning "not inhabited; uninhabited."

  14. ACELAN: Good name for a character who has a calming effect on others. From Old English ácélan, meaning "to cool off; to still; to quiet."

  15. ACTAN, ACTUN: Good name for a strong dwarf, or something short and stumpy. From Old English áctán, meaning "oak-stump."

  16. ACUMBA: Good name for a small person or race of small people who are strong despite their size. From Old English ácumba, meaning "oak prunings, clippings, trimmings."

  17. ACWECCAN: Good name for a nervous character. From Old English ácweccan, meaning "to move quickly; shake; vibrate; to quiver."

  18. ACWELLAN: "Destroyer; killer." From Old English ácwellan, meaning "to kill; to destroy." Note: remove one "L" and it means "to die; be destroyed."

  19. ADELA: This is strange. In Czech, English, Polish, Spanish and Romanian, Adela means "noble," derived from Germanic adal. But Old English ádela means "dirt; filth; filthy place." So close and yet so different.

  20. ADELIHT: This Old English word is highly suggestive of someone or something that is "a delight." But its actual meaning is "filthy; dirty." Variant: Adelight.

  21. ADESA, ADESE: Good name for a villainous. From Old English adesa/adese meaning "hatchet."

  22. ADFAER, ADFAIR: "Path to death." From Old English adfær, meaning "the pile-way; the way to the funeral pile."

  23. ANBIDIAN: Word-name for a patient, abiding character. Inspired by the Old English anbidian, "to wait; to abide."

  24. ANDETTAN: Word-name for a character who confesses something. From Old English andettan, meaning "to confess, admit."

  25. ANDSACA: Word-name for an enemy. From Old English ansaca, meaning "enemy."

  26. ANDSWARIAN, ANDSWARU: Word-name for a confessor or informer. From Old English andswarian, meaning "to give an answer," and andswaru, meaning "answer." 

  27. ANDWEARD: Word-name meaning "angry guardian," from Old English and-, meaning "opposed to," and weard, "guardian." Variants: Andwearde, Andwyrdan.

  28. ANFEALD: An Old English word that sounds like it could be a surname or given name. It has many meanings: "alone; peculiar; matchless; superior; honest; sincere; simple; fixed."

  29. ANHAGA: "Loner; recluse; hermit." Word-name from Old English ánhaga, meaning "solitary being; lone dweller; recluse."

  30. ASGA'YA-GE: Invented name derived from Cherokee words as-ga-ya = "man" and ge = "exists as" or "resembles". Good for a hero character struggling to find acceptance amongst normal humans. Also fitting for a shape-shifter or sorcerer dealing with the same issue.

  31. ASTYRIAN: Word-name for a character who excites and rouses others. From Old English ástýrian, meaning "to stir up, excite."

  32. ATOL: Old English word meaning "deformed, repulsive, terrible, and ugly." 

  33. ATTOR: Old English word meaning "gall; poison; venom." Variant: Ator.

  34. ATYHTAN: Old English word meaning "allure; entice."

  35. AWIERGAN: Old English word meaning "to curse; to damn, denounce; to outlaw." 

  36. BANA: Old English word meaning "devil; killer; murderer; slayer." 

  37. BAR: Old English word meaning "boar."

  38. BEADURINC: Old English word meaning "soldier; warrior."

  39. BEADUROF: Old English word meaning "bold in war."

  40. BEALOHYDIG: Old English word meaning "enemy."

  41. BEARN: Old English word meaning "child; offspring."

  42. BEBEODAN: Old English word meaning "command; instruct."

  43. BEGRYNIAN: Old English word meaning "to ensnare; entrap."

  44. BEORN: Old English word meaning "man; chief; hero; noble; prince; warrior." It was derived from the word béo, meaning "bee," and originally meant "bear."

  45. BESIERWAN: Old English word meaning "to deceive, trick, surprise; to defraud." Variant: Besyrwan.

  46. BETLIC: Old English word meaning "excellent; grand."

  47. BROGA: Old English word meaning "danger; dread; prodigy; terror." Variant: Brogan.
  48. BRUN: Old English word meaning "brown or dark; having a shiny metallic luster." 
  49. BLYSSUNG: Invented name for a shy character, one who blushes easily, is easily embarrassed. Inspired by Old English áblysung, meaning "to blush, feel ashamed."

  50. BODIAN, BODI: Invented name for a "messenger; announcer. A person or thing used for communication." Inspired by Old English ábodian, meaning "to announce, proclaim." 

  51. BRASSLING: Invented name for a weapon used for destruction. Inspired by Old English ábraslian, meaning "to crash; crackle."

  52. BREAT, BREATAN: Invented name for a person or thing that "kills; destroys." Inspired by Old English ábréat/ábréatan, meaning "to break, kill, destroy." 

  53. BROTT: Invented name for a person, creature, or thing (robot) that is "crafty; silly; sluggish." Inspired by Old English ábroten, meaning "crafty, silly, sluggish."

  54. BROTH: Also the name of a thin soup, this invented character name means "a coward; a defect; someone with no -alls." It was inspired by Old English abroðennes (ð="th") meaning "baseness, cowardice, dullness; a defect." Actually the whole word Abrothennes could be used with Broth being the nickname.

  55. BRYRDAN: Invented name for "a person or thing that pierces the heart. Or a person who causes heartache/grief." Inspired by Old English ábryrdan, meaning "to prick/sting; to pierce in the heart; to cause grief."

  56. BRYTT: Invented name for a "killer; slayer." Inspired by Old English abrýtan, meaning "to destroy." 

  57. BUGA, BUGAN, BYG: Invented names for a "shape-shifter." Inspired by Old English ábúgan/ábýgan, meaning "to incline, bend, swerve, turn, deviate; to turn oneself."

  58. BYFF, BYFFAN: Invented names for a character who is a "mutterer; someone who doesn't speak loud enough to be heard." Inspired by Old English ábyffan, meaning "to mutter." 

  59. BYLIGAN, BILLIGAN: Invented name for someone who is "annoying; provoking; someone who instigates trouble or is constantly annoying." Inspired by Old English ábyligan, meaning "to irritate; to provoke; to offend; to anger; to vex." 

  60. CAEDMAN: Old English word meaning "fighter; warrior."

  61. CAFLICE: Old English word meaning "brave; valiant."

  62. CHANGRA: Invented name for a "strong and beautiful" heroine. Inspired by Old English áchangra, meaning "oak wood on a slope." Actually, the word could be used as a name unaltered: Achangra.

  63. DAELA, DAELAH: Invented name for a female character who, for some reason, separates herself from friends/family. Inspired by Old English adǽlan, meaning "to divide, separate, part."

  64. CREOPS, KREOPS: An invented name for something one-eyed that creeps and crawls. Inspired by the Greek kyklopes, wheel-eyed giant sons of Gaia, and Old English ácréopian, meaning "to creep; to crawl."

  65. CYTH: Invented name for a "messenger; announcer; either a person, creature, or device used for communication." Inspired by Old English ácýðan (ð="th"), meaning "to proclaim; to announce; to declare." 

  66. DEEP-ELM: Invented name for an "evil tree; cursed tree; Tree of Death."

  67. DEEP-SHADE: Invented name for a "wraith from hell; a shadow of death; or one who is active only at night."

  68. DEEP-SKYLD: Invented word meaning "highly skilled in the black arts."

  69. DEEP-SQUALL: Invented word describing the sound of "death-throes; a cry of agony; the sound of painful death ."

  70. DEEP-WOMB: Invented synonym for a "grave."

  71. DEBOOTIE: Invented word for the "spoils taken after a kill." Could be used as a name too, for someone who robs the dead.

  72. DEEPDEN: Invented name for a "Valley of Death."

  73. DEEPERVILLE: Invented name for "Hell."

  74. DEEPERSTILL: Invented name for "the region under Deeperville."

  75. DEEPLYG: Invented name for "hellish flame; lightning from hell." Inspired by Old English lieg/lyg, meaning "fire; flame; lightning."

  76. DELFAN: Invented surname/given name for an "investigator; excavator; someone who digs, delves, excavates, in the earth or into some mystery." Inspired by Old English ádelfan, meaning "to delve, dig, excavate."

  77. DePRAE: Invented surname meaning "death-rush." Inspired by Old English déaprǽs, meaning "sudden death; a death-rush."

  78. DeSLEDGE: Invented surname meaning "sledge-hammer." 

  79. DEEPSTEAD: Invented name for "Hell; hellish place."

  80. DEEPWICK: Invented name for a "hellish dwelling; hellish mansion." Inspired by Old English déaþwíc (þ="th") meaning "dwelling of death; mansion of death."

  81. ELDORGWYNNA: Invented name for a female "adversary; deadly enemy." Inspired by Old English ealdorgewinna, meaning "deadly enemy; vital adversary." 

  82. SMITHEREENS: An actual word for a collection of parts or fragments considered as a whole. "The city was blown to smithereens." Good destroyer name, or a name for someone who was blown up and survived, and keeps their dismembered body parts pickled in jars. 

  83. WEOR: Invented name for "a glutton; a guzzler; a gorger." Inspired by Old English ácweorran, meaning "to guzzle, gorge, eat or drink immoderately; glut." 

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