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Books Consulted

The following books have been consulted to confirm meanings, etymology,
and to point to recorded instances of the actual usage of the names listed on the
on this site. Most are public domain books and have been generously quoted from.


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  1. Book of Mackay, The, by Angus Mackay, 1906.

  2. Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts, The, by Abbie Farwell Brown, 1900.

  3. Book of the Settlement of Iceland, The, by Ari Þorgilsson, translated by Thomas Ellwood, 1898.

  4. Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, The, by Villon Society, London, 1884.

  5. Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, The, edited by Leonard C. Smithers, 1894.

  6. Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, The, edited by Leonard C. Smithers, 1894.

  7. Book of Were-wolves, The, by Sabine Baring-Gould, 1865.

  8. Borderland: a journey through the history of Ukraine, by Anna Reid, 2000.

  9. Borusso-Lithuanicae, Tam, in Slavicis quam letticis linguis principatu commentatio, by Augusti Friderici Pott, Phil. Dr. in Univ. Fridericiana Halensi Prof. Extr., 1837.

  10. Botswana & Namibia, by Paula Hardy, Matthew D. Firestone, 2007.

  11. Boyer's French Dictionary, by Abel Boyer, 1848.

  12. Boy's King Arthur, The: being Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, edited for boys with an introduction by Sidney Lanier, 1880.

  13. Boy's Mabinogion, The: being the Earliest Welsh Tales of King Arthur in the Famous Red Book of Hergest, edited by Sidney Lanier, 1881.

  14. Bracton's Note Book:  A collection of cases decided in the King's courts during the reign of Henry the Third, annotated by a lawyer of that time, seemingly by Henry of Bratton, edited by F. W. Maitland, vol. 3, 1887.

  15. Bradshaw's Illustrated Hand-book to Spain and Portugal, 1897.

  16. Brand's Popular Antiquities of Great Britain, by John Brand, 1905.

  17. Brides of Ardmore, The, by Agnes Smith Lewis, 1880.

  18. Brief History of the Vikings (Breve historia de los vikingos), by Manuel Velasco, 2005.

  19. Brief View of the Caste System of the North-Western Provinces of Oudh, by John C. Nesfield, 1885.

  20. Britain Under Trojan, Roman, Saxon Rule, by John Milton, England under Richard III., by Sir Thomas More, The Reign of Henry VII., by Francis Bacon, 1870.

  21. Britannia after the Romans, by Algernon Herbert, 1836.

  22. Britannia antiqua; or, Ancient Britain brought within the Limits of Authentic History, by Beale Poste, 1857.

  23. British Controversialist and Literary Magazine, The, Houlston & Wright, 1868.

  24. British Critic, Quarterly Theological Review, The, vol. 6, 1829.

  25. British Family Names: their Origin and Meaning, with lists of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Names, by Rev. Henry Barber, 1903.

  26. British History of Geoffrey of Monmouth, translated by J. A. Giles, 1842.

  27. British Magazine, The, by Hugh James Rose, Samuel Roffey Maitland, vol. 17, 1840; vol. 24, 1843.

  28. British Quarterly Review, The, July & October, 1863.

  29. British Theatre, The, by Mrs. Inchbald, 1808.

  30. Brut y tywysogion, by Cambrian Archaeological Association, 1864.

  31. Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, by Michael Bryan, 1904.

  32. Bubastis (1887-1889), by Édouard Naville, 1891.

  33. Building a New China in Cinema, by Laikwan Pang, 2002.

  34. Bulgaria Past and Present, by James Samuelson, 1888.

  35. Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, vol. 11, Issue 2, 1915.

  36. Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., vol. 17, 1922.

  37. Bulletin of the New York Public Library, vol. 7, 1903; vol. 15, Jan-Dec, 1911.

  38. Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, by John Burke, vol. 1, 1875.

  39. Bye-gones, Relating to Wales and the Border Counties, 1882-1883; 1889-90.

  40. Byrth, Lyf, and Actes of Kyng Arthur, The; of His Noble Knyghtes of the Round Table, Theyr Merveyllous Enquestes and Aduentures...and in the end Le Morte Darthur, with introduction and notes by Robert Southey, vol. 2, 1817.

  41. Cabells and Their Kin, The, by Alexander Brown, 1895.

  42. Caesar's Gallic War, edited by J. H. and W. F. Allen, and H. P. Judson, 1891.

  43. Calcutta Review, The, by University of Calcutta, vol. 5, Jan-Jun, 1846; vol. 9, Jan-Jun, 1848; vols. 68-69, 1879; vol. 94, 1892; vols. 128-129, 1909.

  44. Calendar of Letter-books Preserved Among the Archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, edited by Reginald Robinson Sharpe, 1907.

  45. Calendar of the American College for Girls at Constantinople, edited by Reginald Robinson Sharpe, 1901-1902.

  46. Caliphate, Its Rise, Decline, and Fall, The, by Sir William Muir, 1898.

  47. Call of the Stars, The, by John Robert Kippax, 1914.

  48. Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible, by Charles Taylor, 1832.

  49. Cambrian, The, a bi-monthly, published in the interest of the Welsh people and their descendants in the United States, devoted to History, Biography, and Literature, edited by D. I. Jones, 1881-2-3.

  50. Cambrian Biography, The, by William Owen Pughe, 1803.

  51. Cambrian Journal, The, by the Cambrian Institute, 1858.

  52. Cambrian Register for the Year 1796, vol. 2, 1799.

  53. Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repertory, vol. 2, 1830.

  54. Cambridge History of Ancient China, The, by Michael Loewe, Edward L. Shaughnessy, 1999.

  55. Cambridge History of English Literature, by Sir Adolphus William Ward, Alfred Rayney Waller, vol. 1, 1907; vol. 2, 1908.

  56. Cambridge Medieval History, The: vol. 2, The Rise of the Saracens and the Foundation of the Western Empire, 1913.

  57. Cambridge Medieval History, The: Germany and the Western Empire, by John Bagnell Bury, 1922.

  58. Cambridge Modern History, The, planned by the late Lord Acton, edited by A.W. Ward, et al, vol. 12, 1910; vol. 13, 1911; 1912.

  59. Cambro-Briton, The, vol. 2, Sept-1820 thru Jun-1821.

  60. Cameos from the Silver-land; or the Experiences of a Young Naturalist in the Argentine Republic, in two volumes, by Ernest William White, vol. 1, 1881.

  61. "Camillus"-type in Sculpture, by Leila Clement Spaulding, 1911.

  62. Camp and Tramp in African Wilds, by Emil Torday, 1913.

  63. Canada and the Ukrainian Question, 1939-1945, by Bohdan S. Kordan, 2001.

  64. Canada Magazine, The, vol. 26, Nov, 1905 through Apr 1906, Ontario Publishing Co.

  65. Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, and History, vol. 3, 1858; vol. 13, 1873; vol. 14, 1875.

  66. Canadian Who's Who 2002, Volume 3, by Elizabeth Lumley, 1938.

  67. Canterbury in the Old Time, by John Brent, 1879.

  68. Captivi, by Titus Maccius Plautus, 1880.

  69. Cardinal Manning, by Arthur Wollaston Hutton, 1892.

  70. Carlino, by Giovanni Ruffini, 1870.

  71. Caroline Islands, The: Travel in the Sea of the Little Lands, by Frederick William Christian, 1899.

  72. Cartulary of the Monastery of St. Frideswide at Oxford, Vol. 31, edited from the Christ Church and Corpus MSS. and other sources, by Rev. Spencer Robert Wigram, M.A., 1896.

  73. Carved Stones of Islay, The, by Robert C. Graham, 1895.

  74. Case-Noted Mahomedan Law, by Avinasa Chandra Mittra, 1902.

  75. Cassell's Dictionary of First Names, by Adrian Room, 1988.

  76. Cassell's Family Magazine, by Cassell & Company, Lmtd., 1887.

  77. Cassell's New Biographical Dictionary, 1893.

  78. Castle Builders, The, by Mary Charlotte Yonge, 1868.

  79. Casual Essays of the Sun, by Robert Grier Cooke, 1905.

  80. Catalogue de Livres Anciens et Modernes, Rares et Curieux, provenant de la Librairie J.-Joseph Techener Père, 1865.

  81. Catalogue of Arabic Books in the British Museum, vol. 2, by British Museum, 1901.

  82. Catalogue of Copyright Entries, by Library of Congress, 1910, 1930, 1934, 1963, 1973, 1976.

  83. Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts, by Salomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy, 1876.

  84. Catalogue of the Macomber Collection of Chinese Pottery, by John Getz, 1909.

  85. Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindustani and Pushtu Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Part 1, begun by Professor Ed. Sachau, PH.D., continued, completed and edited by Hermann Ethe, PH.D., 1889.

  86. Catalogue of Works in the Oriental Languages..., by Bernard Quaritch, 1887.

  87. Cathedral Antiquities: Winchester, Lichfield, and Hereford, by John Britton, 1836.

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  90. Catholic World, by Paulist Fathers, 1875, 1887; vol. 54, 1892; vol. 100, 1915; vol. 114, 1922.

  91. Cava of Toledo: or, The Gothic Princess, a Romance in five volumes, by Augusta Amelia Stuart, vol. 4, 1818.

  92. Celtic Britain, by Sir John Rhys, 1882.

  93. Celtic Church of Wales, The, by J. W. Willis Bund, 1897.

  94. Celtic Fairy Tales, edited by Joseph Jacobs, 1892.

  95. Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx, by Sir John Rhys, vol. 2, 1901.

  96. Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulish and British Coins, by Beale Poste, 1861.

  97. Celtic Irish Songs & Song-writers, by C.M. Collins, 1885.

  98. Celtic Monthly, The: a magazine for Highlanders, vol. 12, 1887; vol. 6, 1898.

  99. Celtic Mythology, by John Arnott MacCulloch, 1918.

  100. Celtic Remains, by Lewis Morris, 1878.

  101. Celtic Review, The, by Donald Mackinnon, vol. 2, 1906; vol. 3, 1907; vol. 4, 1908.

  102. Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban, vol. 1, by William Forbes Skene, 1876.

  103. Central Africa: Adventures and Missionary Labors in Several Countries in the Interior of Africa, by T. J. Bowen, 1857.

  104. Century Cyclopedia of Names, The, by Benjamin E. Smith, 1914.

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