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Books Consulted

The following books have been consulted to confirm meanings, etymology,
and to point to recorded instances of the actual usage of the names listed on the
on this site. Most are public domain books and have been generously quoted from.


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  1. Stories of the Cathedral Cities of England, by Emma Marshall, 1879.

  2. Stories of the Kings of Norway Called the Round World (Heimskringla), by Snorri Sturluson, Eirikr Magnusson, 1895.

  3. Stories from the History of Italy, by Anne Manning, 1831.

  4. Storm Clouds Clear Over China, The, by Lifu Chen, et al., 1994.

  5. Story of Africa and Its Explorers, The, by Robert Brown, vol. 4, 1896.

  6. Story of Ancient Egypt, The, by George Rawlinson, 1889.

  7. Story of Ancient Irish Civlisation, The, by Patrick Weston Joyce, 1908.

  8. Story of Burnt Njal, The, translated from the Icelandic by Sir George Webbe Dasent, 1906.

  9. Story of Jewad, The: a Romance, by Ali 'Aziz Efendi the Cretan, translated from the Turkish by, E. J. W. Gibb,1888.

  10. Story of King Arthur, The, by Edward Brooks, Thomas Malory,1902.

  11. Story of King Arthur and His Knights, The, by Howard Pyle,1909.

  12. Story of Mankind, The, by Hendrik Willem Van Loon, 1921.

  13. Story of Norway, The, by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, 1894.

  14. Story of Phoenicia, The, by George Rawlinson, 1889.

  15. Story of Sir Launcelot and His Companions, The, by Howard Pyle, 1907.

  16. Story of the Arndts, The, by John Stover Arndt, Warren Smedley Ely,1922.

  17. Story of the Champions of the Round Table, The, by Howard Pyle, 1915.

  18. Story of the Goths, The: from the Earliest Times to the End of the Gothic Dominion in Spain, by Henry Bradley, editions 1889, 1891.

  19. Story of the Saracens, The: from the earliest times to the fall of Bagdad, by Arthur Gilman,1891.

  20. Story of the World's Worship, by Frank S. Dobbins, assisted by Hon. S. Wells Williams, and Prof. Isaac Hall,1901.

  21. Story of the Zulus, The, by James Young Gibson,1911.

  22. Story of Tristan & Iseult, The, by Gottfried von Strassburg, 1907.

  23. Story of Turkey and Armenia, by James Wilson Pierce,1896.

  24. Strand Magazine, The, vol. 8, 1894; vol. 15, 1898; vol. 17, 1899.

  25. Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, by Songling Pu, Herbert Allen Giles, 1916.

  26. String of Diamonds, The, by a Gem Fancier, 1852.

  27. Struggle of the Nations, The: Egypt, Syria, and Assyria, by Gaston Maspero, 1897.

  28. Student's Ancient History: the Ancient History of the East, from the Earliest Times to the Conquest by Alexander the Great, including Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Media, Persia, Asia Minor, and Phoenicia, by Philip Smith, 1871.

  29. Student's Handbook of Ancient History, The, by Sir John Stoddart, 1856.

  30. Student's Manual of Oriental History, The: A Manual of the Ancient History of the East to the Commencement of the Median Wars, by François Lenormant, and E. Chevallier, 1869.

  31. Student's Persian and English Dictinoary, Pronouncing, Etymological, & Explanatory, The, by Sorabshaw Byramji Doctor, 1880.

  32. Studies and Notes in Philology and Literature, the Arthurian Material in the Chronicles, especially those of Great Britain and France, by Robert Huntington Fletcher, vol. 4, 1895; vol. 10, 1906.

  33. Studies in Arthurian Legend, by Sir John Rhys, 1891.

  34. Studies in Church Dedications, vol. II, by Frances Arnold-Forster, 1899.

  35. Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance, by Lucy Allen Paton, 1903.

  36. Studies in Moro History, Law, and Religion, by Najeeb M. Saleeby, 1905.

  37. Studies in the Topography of Galloway: Being a List of Nearly 4000 Names of Places with Remarks on their Origin and Meaning, and An Introductory Essay, by Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell, Bart., 1887.

  38. Studies on Slavery, by John Fletcher, 1852.

  39. Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail, by Alfred Nutt, 1888.

  40. Study of Celtic Literature, The, by Matthew Arnold, 1905.

  41. Stupa of Bharhut, The: a Buddhist monument..., by Alexander Cunningham, 1879.

  42. Sturlunga Saga, including The Islendinga Saga of Lawman Sturla Thordsson, and other works, edited with prolegomena, appendices, tables, indices, and maps, by Dr. Gudbrand Vigf�sson, from various editions: vol. 2, 1818; vol. 2, 1878; 1879.

  43. Sudanese Memoirs, by Sir Herbert Richmond Palmer, 1967.

  44. Sumerian Epic of Paradise, the Flood and the Fall of Man, by Stephen Langdon, University of Pennsylvania, the University Museum, Publications of the Babylonian Section, 1915.

  45. Summer Traveling in Iceland, by John M. Coles, 1882.

  46. Sunday At Home, The, vol. 42, by Religious Tract Society, 1895.

  47. Sunday Magazine, The, edited by Thomas Guthrie, 1867.

  48. Sunday Magazine for Family Reading, The, London, Daldy, Isbister, & Co., vol. 6, 1876.

  49. Sunday School Teacher's Bible Manual, The, by Robert Hunter, 1894.

  50. Supplemental Nights to the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, by Sir Richard Francis Burton, 1900; vol. 6, 1901.

  51. Supposed Hebraisms in the Grammar of the Biblical Aramaic, The, by Herbert Harry Powell, 1907.

  52. Surname Book and Racial History, by Susa Young Gates, 1918.

  53. Surnames, by Bernard Homer Dixon, 1857.

  54. Surnames, by Ernest Weekley, 1916.

  55. Surnames as a Science, by Robert Ferguson, 1883.

  56. Surrey Archaeological Collections, by the Archaeological Society, vol. 3, 1865.

  57. Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, vol. 6, 1853.

  58. Svenska Ättartal för år 1892, afsedda att utgöra tid skrift för Svensk slägtkunskap och slägtforskning samt slägtbok och slägtkalender. Åttonde Årgången (färdig tryckt 9/11 1892).

  59. Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon (Swedish Biographical Dictionary), H-J, 1863-64.

  60. Svenskt diplomatarium, från och med år 1401, by Carl Silfverstolpe, 1884.

  61. Swahili Exercises, compiled for the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, by Edward Steere, 1908.

  62. Swedish Fairy Tales, by Anna Wahlenberg, Axel Wahlenberg, 1901.

  63. Sweetest Revenge, by Nahisha McCoy, 2006.

  64. Swiss Twins, The, by Lucy Fitch Perkins, 2004.

  65. Sword of Islam, The, by Arthur Naylor Wollaston, 1905.

  66. Sylvan Sketches; or, A Companion to the Park and the Shrubbery, by Elizabeth Kent, 1825.

  67. Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythology, The: An Inquiry, by Richard Payne Knight, 1892.

  68. Syr Gawayne; a collection of ancient romance-poems, by Scotish and English authors, relating to that celebrated Knight of the Round Table, with an introduction, notes, and a glossary, by Sir Frederic Madden, 1839.

  69. Syria and Egypt Under the Last Five Sultans of Turkey, by Bell, 1876.

  70. Syria: the Desert and the Sown, by Gertrude Lowthian Bell, 1907.

  71. Tabakat-i-Nasiri: A General History of the Muhammadan Dynasties of Asia, Including Hindustan, by The Maulana, Minhaj-ud-din, Abu-'Umar-i-'Usman (Minhaj Siraj Juzjani), translated from the Persian by Major H. G. Raverty, 1881.

  72. Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, edited by William Tait, Christian Isobel Johnstone, vol. 14, 1847; vol. 19, 1852.

  73. Talented Women of the Zhang Family, The, by Susan Mann, 2007.

  74. Tales from the Arabic of the Breslau and Calcutta (1814-18), in three volumes, translated into English by John Payne, vol. 1, 1901.

  75. Tales of a Greek Island, by Julia D. Dragoumis, 1912.

  76. Tales of Ancient Greece, by Rev. G. W. Cox, 4th edition, 1879.

  77. Tales of King Arthur and His Knights, by Howard Pyle, 1909.

  78. Tales of Our Motherland, by Ernest Emenyonu, 1999.

  79. Tales of the East: comprising the most popular romances of Oriental origin; and the best imitations by European authors, in three volumes, by Henry Weber, vol. 3, 1812.

  80. Tales of the Zenana: or, A Nuwab's Leisure Hours, by William Browne Hockley, vol. 1, 1874.

  81. Taliesin, or the Bards and Druids of Britain, by David W. Nash, 1858.

  82. Talisman, The, by Sir Walter Scott, 1905.

  83. Talmud of Jerusalem, by Moise Schwab, Isaac Rabinowitz, 1886.

  84. Talwitoimet, by Johannes H�yh�, 1897.

  85. Tara: a Mahratta Tale, by Meadows Taylor, 1889.

  86. Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch, The, translated from the Chaldee by J.W. Etheridge, 1862.

  87. Teaching of Geography, The, by Sir Archibald Geikie, 1898.

  88. Temper, a Treatise on Its Use and Abuse, by a Staffordshire Curate, 1837.

  89. Ten Tribes of Israel Historically Identified with the
    Aborigines of the Western Hemisphere, The
    , by Barbara Allan Simon, 1836.

  90. Teutonic Mythology, by Jacob Grimm, translated by James Steven Stallybrass, 1882, 1888.

  91. Teutonic Mythology, Gods and Goddesses of the Northland, vol. 3, by Viktor Rydberg, translated by Rasmus Bj�rn Anderson, 1907.

  92. Teutonic Name-System Applied to the Family Names of France, England, and Germany, by Robert Ferguson, 1864.

  93. Texas Doctor and the Arab Donkey, The, by Joseph Marstain Fort, 1892.

  94. Theology of the Old Testament, by C. Piepenbring, Hinckley Gilbert Thomas Mitchell, 1893.

  95. Theosophical Glossary, The, by H. P. Blavatsky, with a preface by George Robert Stow Mead, 1892.

  96. Theosophical Review, The, vol. 36, 1905.

  97. Theosophist, The, by Theosophical Society, vol. 30, 1609.

  98. Theosophy, by Theosophical Society, 1896; vol. 7, 1919.

  99. Thousand and One Nights, The: commonly called, in England, the Arabian Nights, various editions, translated by Edward William Lane, edited by Stanley Lane-Poole, vol. 2, 1840; vol. 3, 1865; vol. 4, 1906; vols. 3 & 4, 1914.

  100. Three Centuries of Modern History, by Charles Duke Yonge, 1872.

  101. Three Months in the Forests of France, by Margaret Stokes, 1895.

  102. Three Prophets, The: Chinese Gordon, Mohammed-Ahmed (el Maahdi), Arabi pasha, Events Before and After the Bombardment of Alexandria, by Col. C. Chaillé Long, 1884.

  103. Three Years in Constantinople: or, Domestic Manners of the Turks in 1844, by Charles White, 1846.

  104. Through the Zulu Country: Its Battlefields and Its People, by Bertram Mitford, 1883.

  105. Tidskrift for Philologi og P�dagogik, by Syvende Aargang, 1867.

  106. Ties that Bind, The, by Rebecca Davis Pauley, 1983.

  107. Tinsley's Magazine, Volume 27, by Edmund Hodgson Yates, et al., 1880.

  108. Tippoo Sultaun: a Tale of the Mysore War, by Meadows Taylor, 1887.

  109. Titan, son of Saturn: the Coming World Emperor, by Joseph Birkbeck Burroughs, 1905.

  110. To Abyssinia Through an Unknown Land, by C. H. Stigand, 1910.

  111. To the Gold Coast for Gold: a narrative, by Sir Richard Francis Burton, Verney Lovett Cameron, vol. 2, 1883.

  112. Toledo, by Hannah Lynch, 1898.

  113. Topsy-turvy Land: Arabia Pictured for Children, by Samuel Marinus Zwemer, Amy E. Wilkes Zwemer, 1902.

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  115. Traditional Poetry of the Finns, The, by Domenico Comparetti, 1898.

  116. Traditions & Beliefs of Ancient Israel, by Thomas Kelly Cheyne, 1907.

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  141. Travels and Researches Among the Lakes and
    Mountains of Eastern & Central Africa
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  175. Ukhahlamba-drakensberg Park: World Heritage Sites
    of South Africa
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