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Books Consulted

The following books have been consulted to confirm meanings, etymology,
and to point to recorded instances of the actual usage of the names listed on the
on this site. Most are public domain books and have been generously quoted from.


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  1. Guthones, by Alexander M. Rackus, 1929.

  2. Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling, by Charles Godfrey Leland, 1891.

  3. Háfiz of Shíráz: Selections from his poems, translated from the Persian by Herman Bicknell, 1875.

  4. Hamilton Literary Magazine, Volume 48, by Hamilton College, 1913.

  5. Hana: A Daughter of Japan, by Gensai Murai, 1904.

  6. Handbook for Travellers in Algeria and Tunis, by Sir R. Lambert Playfair, published by John Murray, 1895.

  7. Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Issue 30, Part 1, edited by Frederick Webb Hodge, 1907; N-Z, 1912.

  8. Handbook of the Origin of Place-Names in Wales and Monmouthshire, by Thomas Morgan, 1887.

  9. Handbook of United States Political History for Readers and Students, 1910.

  10. Handbook to Fictitious Names, by Olphar Hamst, 1868.

  11. Handbook to the Environs of London, vol. 2, by James Thorne, 1876.

  12. Handy-book of Rules and Tables for Verifying Dates with the Christian Era, by John James Bond, 1875.

  13. Harper's Magazine, vol. 4, 1852; vol. 13, 1856; vol 22, 1861; vol. 32, Issues 187-192, 1866; vol. 52, 1876; vol. 95, 1897; vol. 99, 1899; vol. 112, 1906; vol. 114, 1907; vol. 116, Dec-1907 thru May-1908; vol. 117, Jun-Nov, 1908; vol. 141, 1920.

  14. Haroun Alraschid, Caliph of Bagdad, by Edward Henry Palmer, 1881.

  15. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 97, Jun-Nov, 1898; vol. 99, 1899.

  16. Hartford Seminary Record, The, vol. 6, 1896.

  17. Hassan: a Fellah: a Romance of Palestine, by Henry Gillman, 1898.

  18. Hatshepsut, by Evelyn Wells, 1969.

  19. Hawaiian Antiquities (Moolelo Hawaii), by David Malo, 1903.

  20. Hawaiian Names, English Names, by Eileen M. Root, 1987.

  21. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information..., by Joseph Haydn, Benjamin Vincent, 1904.

  22. Hearts and Altars, by Robert Bell, 1902.

  23. Hebraica, edited by William R. Harper, Emil G. Hirsch, Ira M. Price, and Robert Francis Harper, vol. 7, Oct. 1890-July 1891; vol. 8, Oct. 1891-July 1892; vol. 9, Oct. 1892�July, 1893.

  24. Hebrew Literature: comprising Talmudic Treatises, Hebrew Melodies and the Kabbalah unveiled, special introduction by Epiphanius Wilson, 1901.

  25. Heimskringla, The: A History of the Norse Kings, by Snorri Sturlason, translated by Samuel Laing, 1907.

  26. Heimskringla, The; or, The Sagas of the Norse Kings, translated from the Icelandic of Snorre Sturluson, by Samuel Laing, Esq., revised with notes by Rasmus B. Anderson, LL.D., from various editions, vol. 2, 1844; 1889.

  27. Hello, my name is, by Jeff Truman, 2005.

  28. Herald of Health, edited by M. L. Holbrook, vols. 13-14, 1869.

  29. Hereward the Wake, by Charles Kingsley, 1898.

  30. Herodotus, translated by Rev. Henry Cary, 1901.

  31. Heroes and Heroines of Fiction, Classical, Mediaeval, Legendary, by William S. Walsh, 1914, 1915.

  32. Heroes of Asgard, The: Tales from Scandinavian Mythology, by A. and E. Keary, 1909.

  33. Heroes of Asgard, The: Tales from Scandinavian Mythology, by A. and E. Keary, adapted for the use of schools, with new introduction, glossaries, etc., by M. R. Earle, 1907.

  34. Heroes of Chivalry, by Louise Maitland, 1908.

  35. Heroes of Chivalry and Romance, by Rev. A. J. Church, 1898.

  36. Heroines of Welsh History, The, by Thomas Jeffery Llewelyn Prichard, 1854.

  37. Hertslet's Commercial Treaties, Volume 19, by Lewis Hertslet, et al., 1895.

  38. Heth and Moab: Explorations in Syria in 1881 and 1882, by Claude Reignier Conder, 1892.

  39. Hibbert Lectures, The, Hibbert Trust, 1888.

  40. Hidden Manna, by Alec John Dawson, 1902.

  41. High History of the Holy Graal, The, translated from Old French by Sebastian Evans, edited by Israel Gollancz, first issued in 1910, reprinted in 1921.

  42. Hindu Infanticide: an account of the measures adopted for suppressing the practice of the systematic murder by their parents of female infants, edited by Edward Moor, 1811.

  43. Hindu Literature, or, The Ancient Books of India, by Elizabeth Armstrong Reed, 1891.

  44. Hindu Pantheon, The, by Edward Moor, 1810.

  45. His Worldly Goods, by Margaretta Muhlenberg Perkins Tuttle, 1912.

  46. Histoire de la Langue Roumaine, by Ovide Densusianu, 1901.

  47. Histoire de l'astronomie anceinne, by Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, 1817.

  48. Histoire de l'art dramatique en France depuis vingt-cinq ans, by Théophile Gautier, 1859.

  49. Histoire de Louvain, by Charles Piot, 1839.

  50. Histoire d'Hérodote, 1802.

  51. Histoire primitive des Euskariens-Basques, J. Augustin Chaho, vol. 2, 1847.

  52. Historia Crítica, de España, y de la Cultura Española, by Juan Francisco de Masdeu, 1790.

  53. Historia da guerra civil e do estabelecimento do governo parlamentar, by Simão José da Luz Soriano, 1883.

  54. Historia de España, by Juan de Mariana, 1828.

  55. Historia Meriadoci and De ortu Waluuanii: two Arthurian Romances of the XIIIth Century in Latin Prose, edited by J. Douglas Bruce, 1913.

  56. Historiæ Sentiæ: or, Contemporary Sovereigns of Europe..., by E. M. Newman, 1857.

  57. Historians' History of the World, The, by Henry Smith Williams, 1907.

  58. Historic Devices, Badges, and War-cries, by Mrs. Bury Palliser, 1870.

  59. Historical Collections, Vol. 23, by Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, 1895.

  60. Historical Dictionary of Estonia, by Toivo Miljan, 2004.

  61. Historical Dictionary of Kosova, by Robert Elsie, 2004.

  62. Historical Dictionary of the Gods, Demi-gods, Heroes, and Fabulous Personages of Antiquity, by John Bell, 1790.

  63. Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records, by George Rawlinson, 1859.

  64. Historical Introductions to the Rolls Series, by William Stubbs, Arthur Hassall, 1902.

  65. Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History and Biography of America, The, vol. 6, 1862.

  66. Historical Records and Studies, Volume 6, Part 1, by United States Catholic Historical Society, 1911.

  67. Historische Grammatik der Englischen Sprache, by C. Friedrich Koch, vol. 2, 1865.

  68. History and Antiquities of Nottingham, by James Orange, 1840.

  69. History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, The, by John Lingard, 1858.

  70. History and Chronology of the Myth-making Age, J. F. Hewitt, 1901.

  71. History and Poetry of the Scottish Border, The, by John Veitch, 1878.

  72. History of Afghanistan, by George Bruce Malleson, 1879.

  73. History of Ancient Art, by Franz von Reber, 1902.

  74. History of Arabia, The: Ancient and Modern, by Andrew Chrichton, vol. 1, 1858.

  75. History of Armenia, by Michael Chamchian, John Avtaliantz, 1827.

  76. History of Assurbanipal, by George Smith, 1900.

  77. History of Basque, The, by Robert L. Trask, 1997.

  78. History of Bohemia, by Robert H. Vickers, 1894.

  79. History of Brighthelmston, or Brighton As I View It and Others Knew It, by John Ackerson Erredge, 1862.

  80. History of Christian Names, by Charlotte Yonge, 1884.

  81. History of Christianity, The, by Henry H. Milman, 1903.

  82. History of Cook County, Illinois, edited by Weston Arthur Goodspeed, vol. 1, 1909.

  83. History of Cornwall, The, by the Reverend R. Polwhele, 1816.

  84. History of England, The, by Sharon Turner, vol. 1, 1839.

  85. History of England, The, by Nicolas Tindal, 1757.

  86. History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688, by David Hume, vol. 1, 1889.

  87. History of England From the Earliest Times to the Norman Conquest, The, by Thomas Hodgkin, 1906.

  88. History of England From the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada, by James Anthony Froude, vol. 2, 1862.

  89. History of England Under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, The, by Johann Martin Lappenberg, 1881.

  90. History of English Literature, by Bernhard Aegidius Konrad Ten Brink, translated from the German by Horace M. Kennedy, 1904.

  91. History of English Literature: from "Beowulf" to Swinburne, by Andrew Lang, 1914.

  92. History of English Poetry from the Twelfth to the Close of the Sixteenth Century, by Thomas Warton, edited by W. Carew Hazlitt, vol. 2, 1871.

  93. History of Fiction, The, by John Colin Dunlop, 1876.

  94. History of Florence, The, by Niccolò Machiavelli, 1847.

  95. History of France, from the earliest times to 1848, by M. Guizot, and Madame Guizot de Witt, translated by Robert Black, vol. 1, 1885.

  96. History of German Literature, by Robert Webber Moore, 1900.

  97. History of Germany, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, by Wolfgang Menzel, 1852.

  98. History of Great Britain, The, by Malcolm Laing, vol. 3, 1805.

  99. History of Greece from its Commencement to the Close of the Independence of the Greek Nation, by Adolf Holm, translated from the German, in four volumes, vol. 1, 1906.

  100. History of Greece, The, by Connop Thirlwall, vol. 2, 1860.

  101. History of Herodotus, The:  A New English Version, a new English version, edited with copious notes and appendices..., by George Rawlinson, in four volumes, vol. 1, 1862; vol. 2, 1889.

  102. History of Hindostan, The, by Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah Astarabadi Firishtah, 1812.

  103. History of Humayun, The, by Gulbadan, Annette S. Beveridge, 1902.

  104. History of Hyder Shah, alias Hyder Ali Khan Bahadur: and of his son Tippoo Sultaun, by M. M. D. L. T., revised and corrected by His Highness Prince Gholam Mohammed, 1855.

  105. History of India, edited by A. V. Williams Jackson, vol. 5, 1907.

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  126. History of Sulu, The, by Najeeb Mitry Saleeby, 1908.

  127. History of Sweden, The, translated from the original of Anders Fryxell, edited by Mary Howitt, 1844.

  128. History of the Abbey of St. Alban, by Laurence Frederic Rushbrook Williams, 1917.

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    Reformation in Italy in the Sixteenth Century
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    to the Beginning of the British Protectorate
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