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Male Babylonian Names

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  1. NAZI-RUDAS, an early king of Babylonia.
  2. NEBO, ("the prophet"); the planet Mercury.
  3. NEBO-PAL-ASSAR, Nabu-pal-uzur.
  4. NEBO-ZUCIPUNU, the son of the astronomer Merodak-mu-basa.
  5. NEBUCHADNEZZAR, O Nebo, protect my crown.
  6. NEBUCHADREZZAR, the son of Nabopolassar.
  7. NERGAL, a dunghill cock.
  8. NERGAL-EDIR, an early Chaldean astronomer.
  9. Nergal-sar-ussur, Nergal protects the king.
  10. NERIGLISSAR, Nergal-sar-ussur.
  11. NIN-GAL-IDINA, a king of Ur.
  12. NIN-GIRSU, god-warrior of Bel.
  13. NINIB, god of war.
  14. NINIP, god of war.
  15. NIN-RIDU, an early Chaldean deity.
  16. NIS-BELU, Man of Bel.
  17. NURVAL, an early Babylonian king.
  18. NUSKU, a fire-god; the firstborn of En-lil.
  19. ORCHAMUS, an early Chaldean king.
  20. OTIARTES, the ninth antediluvian king.
  21. PAHAS-BEL, the governor of Amida.
  22. PUTUR-SIN, loosen, oh Sin!
  23. RAMMAN, a storm god; ("thunderer").
  24. RI-IS-VUL, the last king of Apirak.
  25. RIM-AGU, an early Babylonian king.
  26. RIMSIN, the last king of Larsa.
  27. SADUDU, the king of the Suhites.
  28. SAGA-SALTIYAS, an early king of Babylonia.
  29. SAMAS-IBNI, a king of the Dakkuri.
  30. SAMAS-SUM-UKIN, ordained civil servant.
  31. SAMOULSAMOUKEN, Saulmugina.
  32. SAMSI-LUNA, an early king of Babylonia.
  33. SAOSDUCHINUS, ordained civil servant.
  34. SAR, King, or Lord.
  35. SARDANAPALUS, the heart protector.
  36. SARGINA, an early, almost mythical king.
  37. SAR-ILI, King of the Gods.
  38. SARKIMUNA, an unidentified deity.
  39. SAR-TUDA, a deity worshipped in Urukh.
  40. SHAGARAKTIYASH, an early Chaldean king.
  1. SHAMAS, The Sun.
  2. SHAMASH, The Sun.
  3. SHAMASH-BEL, servant of Bel.
  4. SHARYUKIN, a mystical king of Agani.
  5. SHEMESH, the son of Ningal.
  6. SHUKURA, comfort, or comforter (?).
  7. SIBI, ("seven"); an unrivaled warrior-god.
  8. SIBRI, a king of Babylonia.
  9. SIGE, the Heaven.
  10. SILANI, the father of Nabu-u-sabsi.
  11. SILIK-MU-LU-DUG, Marduk or Amarud.
  12. SILIK-MU-LU-KHI, Marduk or Amarud.
  13. SIM-MA-SIHU, an early king of Babylonia.
  14. SIMTI-SIL-HAK, an early Babylonian king.
  15. SIN, moon god; father of Ishtar.
  16. SIN-BALADAN, an early Babylonian monarch.
  17. SIN-GASIT, an early king of Urukh.
  18. SIN-IDINNA, an early monarch.
  19. SIN-INUN, an early king.
  20. SIN-ISHMEANNI, Sin has heard me.
  21. SIN-MAT-IKALI, an executioner.
  22. SIN-SAID, Sin is his Lord.
  23. SISIT, Adrahasis.
  24. SUMAI, an early Chaldean astronomer.
  25. SUTUR-CIT, an early king of Amardia.
  26. SUZUB, the son of Gahul.
  27. TAMMUZ, ("the sun of life") a god of vegetation.
  28. TAMZI, the Sun of Life.
  29. TIR-UTUR, an early Amardian or Cassite deity.
  30. TASSI-GURU-BAR, an early king of Babylonia.
  31. TU, the Babylonian god of death.
  32. UBARATUTU, worshipper of (the god) Tutu.
  33. ULAMBURYAS, an early king.
  34. ULAM-KHALA, Offspring of Gula.
  35. ULBASURKIDINA, the name of the successor of Nergal-sar-usser.
  36. UL-KHUM-KHUM, The Sultry.
  37. UMMIAH-ZIRITI, an early king of the Kassites.
  38. UR, The God of the Foundation.
  39. URAS, God of Light.
  40. URHAMMU, Light of the Sun.
  41. URHAMSI, the boatman and friend of Izdubar.
  42. URUKH, servant of Acu, the Moon-god.
  43. UTULTAR, The Light of the Heavenly Spark.
  44. VA-ANNA, the Turanian name of king Bel-samu.
  45. VUL-PAL-IDINNA, an early Babylonian king.
  46. YANZU, the son of Haban.
  47. ZABU, an early Chaldean monarch ruling at Sippara.
  48. ZAIDU, The Hunter.
  49. ZAMAMA, a warrior sun-god.
  50. Zamama-zikur-idinna, an early king of Babylonia.
  51. ZAMANA, a deity to whom king Hammurabi erected a Ziggurrat called The Tower of the Country.
  52. ZICU, the Heaven.
  53. ZIKAR-SIN, Servant of Sin.
  54. ZU, a storm-god in the form of a bird.
  55. ZUR-SIN, an early king ruling at Ur.

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